Fast loans

When there is no money, but you really need it, you can borrow it. There are several options: from friends / acquaintances, in a bank, pawnshop or financial institution. The latter are actively offering online loans today. On the one hand, it is convenient and fast. All you need is a passport, TIN and bank card. He indicated his data, 10-15 minutes and money on the card. There is no need to go anywhere. More info at

When asked for «Credit to a card,» Google spits out a long list of offers. The topmost ones — with a bar advertising — I decided to «weed out». These sites pay Google to be above everyone else. I trust more those resources that are leaders in natural, rather than advertising, search engine results. Getting into the top 10 of Google is not easy at all. And the companies that managed to bring their website to the top certainly value their reputation. That was my logic. Although, this is, of course, subjective.

Each MFI has its own loyalty program, the essence of which boils down to “you take more, pay less”. But no matter how “loyal” the client is, he is unlikely to get a loan cheaper than 1% daily loan. From time to time, companies throw gifts in the form of promotional codes that give discounts of 20% -70% of the loan cost. They are sent out in honor of the holidays or if the company notices that a regular customer suddenly disappears. Then they will send him a letter with the subject: «We miss you» and attach a promotional code.

To issue a microloan in an MFO, you will definitely have to specify the data:

identification number;
bank card (with a minimum balance of UAH 1 for verification);
about the place of work;
about the address of residence;
about marital status, the presence of children.

Все материалы являются собственностью владельцев сайта. Их копирование и размещение возможно только суказанием обратных ссылок на сайт. Использование, копирование и размещением любых материалов с сайта преследуется законом об авторском праве.